Business Districts in Dublin

Since Britain voted to leave the European in June 2016, European cities have been competing to emerge as the city to topple London as Europe’s financial capital. Dublin, located in the Republic or Ireland, has emerged as a frontrunner in the debate. Several multi-national corporations have started moving their business to Dublin to ensure they remain in the single market. With major companies such as Dell, Google and Apple already benefiting from having their EU headquarters in Dublin, the city is set to become a financial powerhouse. With chic serviced apartments located across Dublin, has accommodation tailored for corporate stays within the city.


Already a major financial hub, the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), is located in between the city’s East Wall and North Wall. As of 2016, the IFSC ostensibly employs 50,000 people in over 500 companies, generating approximately 2.1 billion euro. Brainchild of financier Dermot Desmond, the IFSC was the  centrepiece of the Celtic Roar that facilitated tangible changes across the city. In 1987, the Finance Act designated the area as exempt from normal taxation laws.

The IFSC houses several financial institutions, law firms, accountancy groups and tax advisors. The first institution to open up its doors was the Allied Irish Bank in the late 1980s. According to the IFSC’s official website, more than half the world’s top financial institutions have an office in the IFSC, with Citibank, JP Morgan, Sumitomo and SMBC Aviation Capital being the most prominent.

Sandyford Business Park

Consisting of over 500 companies with over 20,000 employees, Sandyford Business Park and the surrounding areas are one of the biggest business parks in Europe. Situated in the suburbs of Dublin, Sandyford Business Park consists of Sandyford Industrial Estate, Stillorgan Industrial Estate, Central Park and South County Business Park. As Dublin continues to grow, Sandyford Business Park is set to play an integral role in its expansion. The area has capacity for another 17,500 employees, with 350,000 square miles of commercial floor space available.

Metro Office District

One of the most well-established business districts in Dublin, the Metro Office District is popular due to its modern amenities, world-class fiber optic system, great transport connections and a variety of restaurants and hotels. Dublin’s Entrepreneur Centre and adjacent data centre are located in the Metro Office District.

West Innovation District

Dublin’s West Innovation District is purposefully designed to showcase Ireland’s booming tech industry and forward thinking companies. With countless offices and buildings designed to satisfy the requirements of high tech business, the district is renowned as Dublin’s Silicon Valley due to its propensity for innovation. A combination of open spaces, contemporary architecture and natural landscapes, the district is ideal for technology companies.