How to Ease the Transportation Squeeze this Holiday

One of the joys of the holiday is welcoming family members home.  In some cases, you may not have seen each other in years.  Students who come home from school for the first time since they left at the end of summer look forward to seeing grandparents, cousins and other family members.  New members who’ve joined through marriage, birth, or choice add to the fun and festivities and bring new dishes, traditions and fun to the mix.  But having so many in one place at once can be tricky when it’s time to do activities around town if you don’t have adequate transportation.  Schedules must be worked out so no one is left standing at the airport baggage claim wondering who’s picking them up.  Uber and Lyft might be good for the short haul, but when you all want to travel as a group, you’ll do better to call on the services of a car rental company like Dollar Rent A Car.  And if you do, you’ll do even better if your search Groupon, so you can apply some of the money saving coupon codes they offer for the Dollar Rent a Car agency in your area.

Need to haul a tree home from the tree farm outside town?  Dollar offers vehicles that are designed to carry that load easily.  Or do you plan to take the surf board to the beach to ride the waves – they can make that happen, too.  If they family has grown so large to fit into grandpa’s old coupe, you can rent just the right size full size auto, or larger, depending on your needs and budget.  Speaking of budget, check out the deals Groupon offers, and you’ll see why renting a car makes such good sense this season.

They have 15% of weekend rentals codes, and rental rates that start as low as $18.99 per day.  And booking your ride is so easy you can make all the arrangements from your smart phone or other mobile device.  So if you’re hosting the clan this year, make sure everyone’s covered when it’s time to gather around and trim the tree.  Count on the experts at Dollar Rent a Car to get you – and the tree home.