The Ultimate Guide to Best Man Speeches

groom with his friendsA lot of people find the best man speech is the best part of a wedding. It’s understandable: It’s priceless to watch a friend talk so dearly about another, and open himself up to tell how much he loves the groom since their childhood. Usually, people aren’t that open-hearted in their day to day life, especially guys.

We truly believe that the world needs a lot more heart-warming speeches like that, so we are here to provide best men with a detailed guide and plenty of advice on how to come up with a great one. We’ll discuss some of the dos and don’ts of the procedure, so you can be confident and avoid potential failures that could result of the speech and happen sometimes, such as telling a diminishing story or blurting out something that should be a secret.

Writing the Speech

If you’re here reading this, you want your future speech to be special. We’ll start with some basic points you should always consider when writing your best men speech.

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that the audience will remember more about who you are and the way you talk rather than all the content of the speech.

In other words, every speech should have two main goals: To make a positive impression and leave people with some striking, memorable thoughts. The rest is just about fun.

Here are a few crucial recommendations you should always keep in mind:

Be Memorable

Of course, being memorable is easier said than done. It takes skill and imagination to achieve. Often, a single line will make the entire speech. Whether it’s a contrasting statement or a really smart joke, you’ve got to grab the attention of the audience with some sort of trick. Analogies, metaphors, axioms or surprises – any of these will do if you manage to put them into the right places.

Be Natural

When you’re making a speech, the audience will put you and the speech into the same category. This means that if they don’t think they can trust you, they will resist the speech. Your best bet is to try and humanize yourself so that you’ll have a better connection to the audience. Share a few stories that relate to the central themes, reference your family and friends to show you’re trustworthy. You shouldn’t act like you’re selling anything – just be yourself.

The Social Aspects

All right, so let’s get more into the specifics. A wedding speech is a very special speech on a very special occasion. It has some unique nuances you should consider.

Jokes Are Great, But Don’t Be Awkward

It can seem obvious, but a lot of people fail at this. All you need to do is avoid any joke that doesn’t elevate the groom and the bride. When you’re not sure how the joke will land, cut it out entirely.

Don’t Make It About Yourself

Obviously, it’s okay to tell a short story of how you met, but don’t dwell. Forget about your life story, your friends’ and family’s life stories, and anything of the sort. The speech isn’t about anything other than your friend and his bride.

Make It Quick And Interesting For Everyone

Noone wants to listen to 20-minute long speeches about college years, parties or inside jokes. Your speech should be just long enough to make an impact – under five minutes is best.

Don’t Forget About The Bride

Since they’re such good friends with the groom, some best men end up saying very little about the bride, and that can be strange.

If you know and love your friend’s partner, tell it. Talk about how great she is and what you like about her. If you don’t know that much about her – or don’t like her much, which could happen – don’t be a hypocrite, and just talk about how happy she makes the groom.

Taboo Topics To Avoid

Some topics should be avoided at all costs. Ex-girlfriends, sex, divorce rate and children (unless they openly talk about wanting to have one soon) are no-nos.  Also, don’t bring up the stag do and what went on after your visit to the Mallorca football stadium.

Don’t Be Rude

It’s important to mind your manners, especially if you’ve already had a few glasses of champagne. Keep it civil and make sure not to swear during the toast.

End On A Good Note

There’s no need to pour sugar upon the audience, but when possible, make an ending that’s happy, memorable, and strong.

Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start writing the draft. Hopefully, these tips will help you write the perfect speech!