Top Family Vacation Destination

When you are travelling the world with your kids you will find that it is great to experience something new.

You may have thought about seeing the Northern Lights or even going into the islands in the Indian Ocean, but you will want to make sure you bring your kids mind to life while travelling.

1. A snow safari to see the Northern Lights

Where: Finnish Lapland
Age Range: 4-14

Why Go: These are one of the best light displays that you can see for free, but it is a common sight in the Arctic region. You will find that it is going to allow you to see the light show in its full glory, but it will definitely be seen if you are above the 60 degree mark. This area is very appealing for the family, as you can also find the snowmobile safari as a great option and have the chance to explore a reindeer farm all before going back to look at the Northern Lights.

2. Find some fun in the sun, sand, and sea.

Where At: The Greek Islands
Age Range: 0-18

Why Go: This is a great place that will get you out of the rut that you may be used to from going to France, Spain, or Italy. This place has some amazing beaches, villages that are considered the sleepy towns, and even has food that you will be amazed by.

The tourism in Greece has gone through several hard years. You had the financial instability. Then you would have the country’s islands to the East being a stopping for migrants who were fleeing from Syria and Lybia. All of this has led to Greece being a country that is great for the tourist right now.

3. Ancient history locations

Where At: Naples, Sicily, and Rome
Age Range: 7-12

Why Go: this is a great way for you to allow your kids to learn about the living history and experience the regions. You and your kids will have a chance to follow in the footsteps of the Romans, find areas that are going to have child-focused tours in Rome and Pompeii, but also have these led by some of the archaeologists in the area who have been working to reveal this history here for the kids to enjoy. You will even have a chance to round out your trip to Sicily by getting a chance to have the kids enjoy the shopping, but the parents can enjoy the spas.

4. Take a Wildlife Trip

Where At: Borneo
Age Range:12-18

Why Go: You will find that Borneo has plenty of wildlife for you to enjoy and it will allow your kids to enjoy seeing the animals they have always read about. With travel guides at Borneo Dream, you will find the land itself to have a lot of the aspects you would never have seen anywhere else from lava formations, cactus forest, and then the lush green lands and amazing tropical beaches. What is even better is the fact you can see wildlife anywhere you go. When you are on this island you will find that almost anywhere you turn to it is going to allow you to find the animals that you may have never seen anywhere else.

5. Relaxation

Where At: Saint Davids
Age Range: 0-8

Why Go: This is a place that has been up and coming and it shows for this area of Pembrokeshire. This will allow you to see incredible wildlife in the coast and it will allow the parents to relax while the kids are out looking at all that is around them. You may see this is the least dynamic option, but it will allow you to change the dynamics of the family.

6. A Self Drive Safari

Where At: Canada
Age Range; 13-18

Why Go: This is an area that you are going to find has some of the best landscapes for you to see and it will take you from the snow-covered Rockies to the lakes that are going to glitter in the sunlight. You will find that you can go from Vancouver to Whistler and see a lit, but you will be amazing when you reach Wells Gray Provincial Park and Jasper National Park, but what is really nice is Lake Louise where you can start to look for grizzly bears, moose, and even bald eagles, but a stop anywhere allow for some great hiking, kayaking, and many other outdoor opportunities.