Top Six Business hubs of Asia

Asia is fast becoming the leader in business and commerce. With the West taking a dip, it’s only natural that the East would rise. From Beijing to Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai, there are many economic hubs that are steering the East and Asia to becoming the future leaders of the world., a luxury accommodation provider, has a whole range of serviced apartments in the financial hubs, ensuring that businessmen and corporates have all the amenities they need to make their stays exceptional. All of the apartments have stamp of approval, having been tested and assessed to meet their own rigorous standards.

Below are the top business hubs in Asia:

Hong Kong

A Special Administrative Region in China, Hong Kong is one of the most well-known financial hubs in Asia, characterised by a laissez-faire economy that has led to its financial success (even if there is a big disparity between people’s incomes). Many corporations have their headquarters here including CLP Group, Global Brands Group, MTR Corporation, TPV Technology and IRC Limited. It’s the 7th largest trading entity in the world.


This island country and sovereign city is a global commerce, financial and transport hub. One of the original Four Asian Tigers, Singapore has surpassed its peers in terms of GDP per capita. Some of the public companies that have made it their home or at least have a branch there include DBS Group, OCBC Bank, Singtel, UOB, Trafigura Group and Wilmar International. It is also one of the least corrupt countries in the world, surprising given its reliance on big business.


The financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is one of the world’s top centres for trade and commerce. Hardly surprising is that it houses some of the biggest corporations and financial institutions in the country like Tata Group, Reliance Industries,             Bank of India, Axis Bank, Mahindra Group, Hindustan Petroleum and Bajaj Group. With names like that, it clearly is a business hub for corporate travellers.


The capital of China and the rising jewel of the East, Beijing houses some of the biggest business districts in the country as well as some of the big corporations. The business districts that make up this hub include Zhongguancun, Beijing Central Business District and Beijing Financial Street.


It’s not remotely surprising that the capital of Japan is one of the financial and business centres in Asia. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the fourth largest in the world by share turnover and the capital itself is the headquarters of several investment banks. Other headquarters include Mitsubishi Bank, Monex Group, Fuji Bank, Japan Exchange Group and Tokyo Star Bank.


A leading and rising global city, the capital of South Korea is also a hub of business and finance. The district of Gangnam is considered to be the commercial area while the small island of Yeouido is Seoul’s financial district. There are many headquarters and commercial businesses residing in the city, making it ideal for corporate and business travellers looking to make a deal.