What You Had to Know Just Before Renting a Car in Romania


Although renting a car in foreign countries is generally easier than you may think, speech barrier, traveler scams and foreign road rules are things that a large number of people worry about. To help you deal with overseas hires, we have created ten ideas that will really help make the process of renting a car in Romania more convenient and much safer.

Book in advance for the greatest rate from Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest

Many people may think that renting a car is all about turning up and renting a car on arrival. Even though this may be possible, it is not a smart idea as every country has its own rules for hires and you may want to do your very own online research in order to know what is required of you.

First, inspect if an International Driving Permit is required in order to rent a car. You should also examine the minimum age for renting a car. Most of the European nations, for example, allow people over 21s. However, some of the countries require that chauffeurs who want to rent be above the age of 25 or else charge more for those chauffeurs who are younger or older. You may also need your debit card, passport, and enough funds to put down a deposit.

Be sure that every single thing you need is ready. It is a great idea to reserve as early as possible from Promotor Rent a Car Romania as most of the car rent agencies usually raise their pricings when supply dwindles closer to busy times.

Look around for an offer and reserve your hire with the rest of your plans.

You want to choose a hire agency based on a number of factors but the most necessary things to consider are good rates and reliability. It is good to choose local companies if you are planning a much longer trip, looking to drop your car off in a different location or crossing country borders.

Do not skimp on insurance coverage

Knowing the insurance plan you need can be one of the most challenging areas to navigate when renting a car and there are bewildering range of options available. Wherever you are in around the world, most car hire agencies will provide minimal insurance coverage. Promotor Rent a Car Otopeni offers 2 types of insurances. What this entails greatly varies and this is why you have to read the contract very carefully before putting your signature on.

The add-ons can add up

Modern car rent agencies provide about anything you need for your vacation including stereos, GPS systems, baby seats, and at times luxuries like trip fridges or hands-free units for your cell phone.

These additionals can cost about 5-10 euros per day and can quickly add up over a week-long trip. Therefore, it is very important to know the essentials and bring what you can from home.

Last but not least, always just remember to inspect the car upon pick-up.
Ensure that you prevent any avoidable disagreements when returning the car by inspecting it before driving. Snap pictures of any existing scratches, faults or damage on your smartphone. This will ensure that you are not charged for them.